Corporate Name Change

Dover Delaware (2/15/20I8) – for Immediate Release.

As of September 5th, of 2017, after a decade operating as Conventus; the Company has officially changed its legal name to Ethic Energy. The name change was made to more accurately reflect and brand its core business; as the Company has completed its decade long Research and Development stage and begins the transition to a global leader in the production of highly advanced environmentally responsible synthetic transportation fuels.

Production Cost Under $0.28 Cents a Gallon

As of March 2018 NYMEX, pricing, Ethic Energy can produce a gallon of gasoline, diesel or jet fuel at a raw material cost of $0.2753 cents a gallon – in juxtaposition the cost to produce a gallon
of fuel utilizing petroleum is $1.6529; an 83.34% savings.

10 Most Significant Technological Developments in the Past 100 Years

EthicEnergy has over the past decade developed what has been acclaimed as one of the top ten most significant technological developments in the past 100 years in the Energy and Chemical sector. The Company’s powerful mixed ion, electron conducting ceramic catalytic membrane Reactors enable the production of environmentally responsible liquid transportation fuels and chemicals at a cost that averages 50% less than current state-of-the-art technology.

Environmentally Responsible

Unlike petroleum refined products Ethic Energy’s Reactors’ produce no CO2 or NOx and as importantly 60-90% less particulate matter (harmful pollution) at the tailpipe. Ethic’s fuels are bio-
degradable, non-carcinogenic, contain no sulfur, while providing superior engine performance that requires no modification to our family cars, commercial vehicles, military aircraft or delivery infrastructure. The raw material for the Reactors is bio-gas (a renewable) or natural gas the cleanest and most abundant natural resource on the planet.

Monetizing what Currently has No Economic Value

Ethic’s Reactors are self-supporting-requiring no external energy for operation. Stranded gas (natural or bio gas that is not economical to bring to market) can be monetized for the benefit of humanity for the first time in human history. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration over half of the 6,100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas available is stranded.


Joe Bernal
VP Marketing
Contact email: jbernal@ethicenergy.com
Website: www.ethicenergy.com

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