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Ethic Energy announces a revolutionary breakthrough in technology that will profoundly impact the Energy and Chemical sectors, while refining transportation fuels that are environmentally responsible. Ethic provides a realistic and economically viable 21st century replacement for oil, while aiding in the global combat to reverse climate change.


As of September 5th, of 2017, after a decade operating as Conventus; the Company has officially changed its legal name to Ethic Energy. The name change was made to more accurately reflect and brand its core business; as the Company has completed its decade long Research and Development stage and begins the transition to a global leader in the production of highly advanced environmentally responsible synthetic transportation fuels.

Ion-conducting ceramic membrane reactors for high-temperature applications

Ion-conducting ceramic membrane reactors offer an opportunity to combine membrane separation processes directly with chemical reactions, leading to process intensification and, hence, benefits with regard to efficiency. Current research activities focus on membrane reactors due to their high intrinsic efficiency and great potential for the production of a large variety of commodity chemicals, energy carriers, and synthetic fuels. This includes the reduction of CO2 emissions and the utilisation of CO2.

Mixed ionic-electronic conducting (MIEC) membranes for hydrogen production from water splitting

Hydrogen as a clean energy carrier for power generation through fuel cells has attracted much attention. Water is a suitable source for hydrogen production by the splitting reaction. Significant amount of hydrogen can be produced at moderate temperature if a mixed ionic-electronic conducting (MIEC) membrane is used to remove the produced oxygen from water splitting reaction, although the equilibrium constant for water splitting is small.